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Fantastic show


the most magical and exciting show​

The Magic Forest is an amazing place! Here, even the most incredible things can happen… here, miracles become a reality, and a fairy tales come to life.
Spectators are in for an exciting journey. You will meet the Fairy of the Magic Forest and the Snow Peacock, whose tail, surprises with its beauty and scope.⠀
In the magic garden, you will meet the Royal Lily and experience beautiful flowers and butterflies. Only the most fearless will be able to walk through the Night Forest and not be afraid of the web and its owner — the spider.Those who overcome all difficulties will be met by cheerful Jumping Bears and other animals that will give the public a charge of fun and positivity. Snow Elves and the Snow Queen will wrap the entire theatre in a blankey of snow immersing everyone in the magical atmosphere of winter becoming direct participants in the show.
A captivating script, creative decoration designs, original musical accompaniment, choreographic numbers with circus and illusion elements will make this performance a real gift and leave an unforgettable impression!